AL0 for Android

Are you distracted by your smartphone?
Take back control.

AL0 is an application launcher designed to turn your smartphone into an essential tool.

Apps and notifications can be annoying, AL0 replaces your smartphone's functionality and user interface filtering out unwanted distractions.
Experience a minimalist device that supports phone calls, sms and a the few other features.

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Declutter your screen.

Smartphones are messy and noisy, even when they are greyscaled and silent. Media, notifications, social networks and ads make your smartphone a buzzing distraction-oriented device.

Use AL0 to tidy up your screen, mute notifications and access the tools you need through a black and white textual interface.

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AL0 clock


As well as a mobile phone, AL0 provides basic functionality like a calendar, a clock, a camera, a calculator.
Checking the time or taking a photo doesn't need to drain your battery through heavy activities or ping a machine on the other side of the planet.

AL0 is sober and keep your data locally. AL0 wasn't built to spy on your behaviours so there is no need to use web services or other fancy technologies.

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AL0 calendar

Your truest voice.

AL0 uses simple technologies to supports your communication, no pre-assembled messages, no reactions nor emojis.

AL0 respects your intention, when you have something to say just make a phone call or send a text-only sms.

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AL0 contact

Recycle your old smartphone.

AL0 is a light-weight system designed to support Android down to version 6.

Don't waste money on a brand-new feature phone. Run AL0 on your old smartphone, the environment and your wallet will benefit.

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Your device is yours.

AL0 is a software, an application launcher. Your device, your data and your apps won't be compromised.

Your smartphone is truly yours. You can always use, quit, delete and reinstall AL0 according to your needs.

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