AL0 for Android


AL0 [A•L•Zero] is not just an application launcher.

We rebuilt the smartphone user interface to enable you, to follow your intention. We specifically designed it for those of you who want to overcome smartphone addiction and be in control over their own devices.

AL0 is honest. Essential functionalities such as phone calls or sms are exposed through a clean and easy to use interface. On the other hand demanding apps and notifications are not first-class citizen it's you who decide what to do with the smartphone.

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AL0 main menu


✓ Made to be a phone

The Phone button is the first thing you see. Touch it to start a conversation through the numpad, a contact or a recent call/sms activity entry.

✓ Minimalist user interface

A black and white textual interface introduces the feature you need, no icons nor redundant animations.

✓ Your conversations in one place

Calls and messages with a contact are threaded in a single screen.

✓ Unobtrusive notifications

A dot in the Home screen indicates a new notification. You decide which apps can show notifications.

✓ Essential mode

When Essential mode is turned on your smartphone acts like a minimalist device that supports phone calls, sms and a few other features. External apps and notifications will be locked and hidden as long as you want.

✓ Easy to use keyboard

Simple and easy to use keyboard with dedicated keys to reach special characters, features and cursor position.

✓ User-friendly battery life

AL0 is a light-weight application, it won't drain your battery with heavy activities.

✓ Dark mode

White-on-black user interface will cut the light emitted by your smartphone's screen.

✓ Android 6+

AL0 supports Android down to version 6.

✓ Other tools

• Basic calendar
• Alarm clock
• Stopwatch
• Multiple timers
• Point & shoot camera
• Torch
• Photo and Video explorer
• Quick access to Hotspot


Are you already using AL0?

We're always working to improve AL0 experience, so we'd love to hear what's working and how can we improve AL0 for you.


AL0 is made to be a phone, but it doesn't call home. Not having access to the internet the best way to receive updates is to get an email from Fuji Computer.

Send us an email to register your interest in receiving software updates.

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